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The Silverside Story

Wes are a full-service music and audio production studio in the heart of Hollywood, CA.

We pride ourselves on helping artists see their visions come to life, just the way they want. Our primary focus is making sure you leave the sessions feeling excited, happy and fulfilled creatively! It's your vision, we're just here to help.

Our specialties include: vocals, drums, piano, guitars, synths, mixing, music production, audio engineering, ADR, and voiceover. We feature two outstanding drum rooms, a control room filled with classic top-tier analog outboard gear, a brand new iMac Pro computer, and an ample collection of FX pedals, amps, guitars, basses and synths.

Music production, audio engineering and mixing services are available, or you can rent out the studio only.

About Austen Moret

What started out as the desire to have a professional environment to finish and create my own art quickly grew to working with a wide variety of clients in the music, voiceover and film industry. I love my job and take deep pride in all projects I'm lucky enough to work on, whether producing, mixing, engineering or doing ADR/voiceover.

Honesty, attention to detail, artist-centric focus and easy-going attitude are the cornerstones of what I do. Whatever your project is, it is YOUR project. My job is simply to help YOU make it the best it can be.

In addition to producing and mixing for the talents that come to Silverside Recording, I serve as the songwriter, producer, mixer and frontman for my cinematic alt-rock band Midnight Divide, and retro indie synth pop project Swiss Holiday.

A few of the companies/brands I've worked with include: TNT, Apple, Starbucks, Zynga and Pepsi.